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Longarming Information

Follow steps to estimate the cost of your quilting project! Scroll down to see for information on longarming services!

Step 1: Enter the Width and Height of Finished Quilt Top



Longarm Quilting Services 

All quilt tops should be pressed & squared up prior to check-in.
Batting must be a minimum of two (2) inches longer and wider than the quilt top
 Backing fabric must be a minimum of three (3) inches longer & wider than quilt top. 
Backing fabric should be pressed.

Edge to Edge Designs/Meandering Budget
This is a less dense quilting pattern, quilting from edge to edge of your quilt. 
We have so many patterns to choose from! 
Pricing is .025 per square inch

Standard Detailed
This is a more detailed - dense quilting pattern with an 
Edge to Edge Design. Pricing is .0275 per square inch

Custom Quilting 
We will custom quilt your quilt and fees start at .055 per square inch.
Custom quilting is quoted upon consultation and varies depending 
upon the intricacies of the design, thread changes, etc. 
Design Requests: Any special request designs might have an extra charge.

To Calculate Longarm Services: 
Length   x  Width = Square Inches
Square Inches   x  Price Per Square Inch = COST  

EXAMPLE:   Quilt Measures 75 x 75
75” x 75” = 5625”

5625” x .025 = $140.63 for E2E Budget 
5625” x  .0275 = $154.69 for E2E Standard
5625” x  .055 = $309.43 for Custom

I will treat your quilt as my own, exercising a high standard of care and service. Please go through my checklist and terms to be sure you have done everything necessary, to enable me to do my very best longarming for your quilt. It is helpful to understand, machine quilting will not fix fullness, puckering, poor sewing, inadequate seam allowances, improperly measured borders or the squareness of your quilt.


  • In order to properly load your quilt onto the longarm quilting machine, your backing must be a minimum of 4" larger on all four sides than the pieced quilt top. Maximum width for my frame is 120". I do not accept bed sheets, fleece, minky, flannel or pour quality quilting fabric as a backing fabric. I can sell you backing fabric from my selections of fabrics at Feel free to call (800)628-3960 for special promotions I am offering. 


  • Attach with a safety pin a piece of paper printed with the words QUILT TOP to the front, top of your quilt. Attach with a safety pin a piece of paper printed with the words BACKING TOP RIGHT SIDE to the top ‘right side’ of the backing. I always want to make sure of the right side. When using a backing fabric which is directional please attach with a safety pin, a piece of paper printed the with the words DIRECTIONAL TOP.


  • Please trim all loose threads, if you have very long threads that come through your quilt I will do my best to cut them, however if time exceeds 1 hour of trimming you will be charged $25 per extra hour needed. 


  • Pieced backings need to have the selvage edges trimmed off. Selvage edges are woven more tightly and after the quilt is washed can often distort your quilt. 


  • It may not be possible for me to keep the quilt top centered over an elaborately pieced back. A backing with a center medallion or special border can appear a little off in the finished quilt. As always I will do my best!


  • Be sure to press your quilt top and backing; no embroidery, appliqué, embellishments, loose fabric, etc. This will cause the damage to Bernina Q24 while sewing. 


  • Your backing should be squared; sides should be straight, opposite edges should be parallel and corners should form right angles. Please be advised, if the backing is not square, it will not load straight and may not be wide enough for your quilt top.


  • The thread color used on the top of the quilt will also be used on the back. Unless you note otherwise. If you use more than 2 threads on the top of the quilt you will be charged for Custom Longarming Rate of .055 per square inch. 


  • Please pay special attention to your borders. Borders should lay flat; they should not ripple or wave. If they ripple or wave they will not quilt flat and will require a tuck.



Social Media 

May we have your permission to photograph your quilt and possibly use it on our website or in social media? 

Yes Identify by full name Identify by initials only No photography


Service Authorization

I hereby authorize Cut and Ship Fabrics to perform the quilting services on the reverse side to be done to my quilt. I understand I am financially responsible for the cost of services rendered by Cut and Ship Fabrics and for all the materials used in this process. I further understand Cut and Ship Fabrics is not responsible for any damages to the quilt by any cause beyond their control, including but not limited to flood, fire, theft or mechanical failure. If the quilt is displayed in a show or publication, customer agrees to credit the machine quilting to Cut and Ship Fabrics.

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